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The PuffCuff Hair Revolution

The PuffCuff Hair Revolution has arrived! Be a part of this revolution and say goodbye to those pesky elastic hair bands that often cause headaches and hair breakage. Recently, hundreds of attendees from all around the metro area and beyond gathered at The Gathering Spot in Atlanta Tech Village to support The PuffCuff's first-ever #DitchThe Band Live event.

The PuffCuff Hair Revolution

The PuffCuff

Strike Out Against Racism 

The PuffCuff Inventor Ceata E. Lash

Ceata E. Lash – Inventor of The PuffCuff |  Photo Credit: Ceata E. Lash

Ceata E. Lash – Inventor of The PuffCuff

Ceata E. Lash is a freelance graphic designer and a mother of three adorable boys who invented the PuffCuff hair accessory. She created this revolutionary hair styling clamp after being unable to find a hair product on the market that worked for her natural hair. The PuffCuff is specifically designed for thick, coily, and/or textured hair types.

Around seven years ago, Ceata decided to stop chemically relaxing her hair and embrace a healthier, more natural, chemical-free lifestyle. During her journey, she found it challenging to find a product that would hold her hair the way she wanted without breaking or damaging it. Anyone who has ever used a hairband for ponytails or other updos knows that they break hair easily and lose their elasticity.

The PuffCuff Design

The vision of the PuffCuff design came to Ceata when she saw that many other African American women were making the same natural hair lifestyle change and that they were all looking to achieve easy and fashionable hairstyles.  Ceata created an affordable unisex hair styling tool that wouldn't put stress on hair and one that would also be durable and sanitary – The PuffCuff.  

The PuffCuff comes in the following sizes:  Micro, Mini, Junior, and Original.  It all depends on how big or how small you want your hairstyle to be – similar to the sizing of a ponytail but with the bonus of being able to create a larger design and the added feature of stability.  When wairing hair bands, I would have to adjust the band throughout the day because it would move or become loose.  Not with The PuffCuff because of the comb design, it secures your hairstyle in place.

The PuffCuff sizes

Photo credit: @ThePuffCuff

#DitchTheBand Live Event

The #DitchTheBand Live event was created as an opportunity for new and existing users of the PuffCuff to receive interactive hairstyling tutorials from professional hairstylists and hands-on support on how to use all of the different sizes of the Puffcuff.  

In addition to the hairstyling tutorials at the Ditch The Band Live event, attendees were treated to a full day of live performances, a vendor marketplace, and loaded swag bags. 

A few of Black-owned businesses that were featured in the Vendor Marketplace:

  • FemmeNoire
  • Peace of Popcorn
  • Stolen Outfitters
  • Symphony Chips
  • Two Twisted Sistahs 

The main attraction at the event was the PuffCuff Hair Show which presented demonstrations on how to rock The PuffCuff.  Produced by mobile glam squad YB Limited, the hair show presented PuffCuff adorned styles that can take you from the boardroom to the runway.  Take a look at ThePuffCuff website HERE for hairstyle inspirations and tutorials.

Autumn Murray rocking The PuffCuff

Autumn Murray rocking The PuffCuff!

My Review of The PuffCuff

I was surprised at the stability and versatility of hairstyles the PuffCuff allows you to create. 

I am happily saying “goodbye” to headache-inducing elastic hair bands that often cause hair breakage, breed bacteria, and never cease to require replacement.  PuffCuffs are going to be the most utilized hair accessory tool that my daughter and I will be using from now on!

Embrace your natural hair ladies and gentleman because ThePuffCuff has you covered to achieve easy and stylish hairstyles in a matter of minutes. #DitchTheBand

Here is a step by step guide on how to use the PuffCuff:

How to use The PuffCuff

Graphic Credit: @ThePuffCuff

How can you order The PuffCuff?

Click on one of the images below to order one or more of the various sizes of The PuffCuff for you or a loved one today!  I highly recommend the family pack as it contains all four sizes of The PuffCuff.

Graphic Credit: @ThePuffCuff

Tutorial on how to wear The PuffCuff

PuffCuff Tutorial

Click below to see my daughter getting a demonstration on how to use the PuffCuff:

Get Social with The PuffCuff!
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PuffCuff LLC

PuffCuff LLC is a black-owned business that was founded in Romeoville, IL in August of 2013. The company moved to Marietta, GA in June of 2014. PuffCuff Hair Clamp is manufactured in the USA and can be purchased online via this website,, and

Ceata runs the company with her husband Garrett Lash.  Ceata is a highly-skilled designer, creative thinker, and executor of powerful ideas. She creates all company and brand visuals, works directly with the PuffCuff marketing and social media team producing marketing materials that establish strong, viable brand recognition. 

Garrett is Chief Executive Officer for PuFFCuff LLC.  He has over 22 years of expertise as a Senior Leader in the Global Technology  Network within the financial and insurance sectors.  Garrett is responsible for acquiring new business, providing guidance in the area of operations, financial planning, budgeting, cash flow, and policy matters. Garrett contributes to the development of PuffCuff’s strategic goals and objectives as well as the overall management of the organization.


The Gathering Spot
#DitchTheBand Live was held at The Gathering Spot, a next-generation private membership club in Atlanta.  The club serves as a hub of diverse collaboration, connections and experiences uniquely positioned to build the future of what community looks like.  The club was very impressive and I look forward to returning.  Click HERE to find out membership details.


All attendees at the #DitchTheBand Live event received a complimentary PuffCuff.  However, I loved the PuffCuff so much after learning the benefits of them and watching the versatility of hairstyles that can be done with them – I purchased several of The PuffCuffs in all different sizes.  I really do love The PuffCuff!


 PuffCuff Pin with sizes

PuffCuff How to use guidePIN IT!

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