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Uber Eats and EatOkra Celebrate Black-Owned Businesses

Uber Eats and EatOkra believe that recognition symbolizes respect and value. In partnership with EatOkra, Atlanta-based black-owned restaurants will be amplified across Uber Eats marketing platforms and provided resources to thrive.

It’s no secret that the pandemic continues to bring hardships and challenges to the restaurant industry. With rising costs of food, shortage of staff, and limited marketing opportunities, restaurants are in desperate need of resources. Uber saw a call to action and partnered with EatOkra, Goodr, and Operation Hope to launch a unique culinary experience. With over 250 black-owned restaurants in Atlanta, these partners saw fit to salute them, while also offering educational tools to drive commerce, build engagement and serve the community.

Uber Eats and EatOkra recently held a celebration of black-owned businesses with a Holiday Soirée at The Gathering Spot in Atlanta.

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EatOkra App

Through the Uber Eats ecosystem, EatOkra’s award-winning, comprehensive app featuring national black-owned restaurants, chefs, and food-makers, Goodr’s food waste sustainability model, and Operation Hope’s mission to disrupt poverty, this experience will be a driver of meaningful relationships and amplify the importance of purposeful convening and community uplifting.

Uber Eats and EatOkra hosted a holiday soiree to convene tastemakers, food influencers, and industry experts to support and bring awareness to over 100 black-owned restaurants from metro Atlanta at The Gathering Spot. The importance of this program is monumental. With the focus on convening about commerce, community, and impact, Uber Eats & EatOkra are showing up for these restauranteurs.

We are so excited to continue our partnership with Uber Eats and look forward to our collaboration with Goodr, The Gathering Spot and Operation HOPE to reach Atlanta's Black-owned restaurateurs. This program is totally aligned with EatOkra's mission.
Anthony Edwards, Jr., CEO/Founder of EatOkra

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It's a Celebration!

Guests of the event celebrated the evening with a celebrity DJ, festive ambiance, and an intimate culinary experience highlighting Atlanta’s black-owned restaurants and chefs delighting the crowd with their specialty cuisines.

By actively investing time, tools and resources into business focused-relationships, Uber hopes to educate, empower, build community and provide sustainable business solutions to these restaurateurs.
Shivram Vaideeswaran, Global Head of Delivery Marketing at Uber

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Goodr, a sustainability organization that leverages technology and logistics to reduce food waste, and feed local communities, will hand-select chefs to provide over 500 meals to students and seniors through Goodr’s mobile grocery store in upcoming months.

I am honored to partner with Uber for such an impactful initiative in Atlanta. With so many food deserts and lack of access to quality food, the chef-prepared meals will be a real treat for families this holiday season.
Jasmine Crowe, CEO of Goodr

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Eat Okra app

Giving Back and Supporting the Community

Alongside Goodr and Operation Hope, EatOkra will drive social impact in the restaurant community in an authentic and unexpected way! In addition to delivering grants in the amount of $1,000 (10) and $2500 (2), targeted towards renovations & improvements to the selected restaurants, the community partner, Operation Hope, will also provide mentors for those requiring financial guidance.

On Wednesday, January 24th, Uber Eats X EatOkra will host a hybrid 3-hour summit, open to minority-owned restauranteurs, who want to increase business efficiencies, relationship currencies, optimization, and sustainability. Attendees will receive curated educational programming to meet the expressed needs of access, growth scaling, sustainability, and networking. Hosted at Atlanta’s own, The Gathering Spot, everything from e-learning and IRL breakouts sponsored by the partners and Uber Eats will be available to generate awareness of local minority-owned restaurants in Atlanta.

Across all the partners of Taste 404, the intent and mission is to actively implement change while encouraging success driven metrics and meaningful relationships within the restaurant industry in Atlanta and beyond.
Ryan Wilson, CEO of The Gathering Spot

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Additional programming includes:

Fellowship Program
In partnership with The Gathering Spot, EatOkra and Operation Hope will select 20 minority-owned businesses that will participate in an intentional program designed to build, educate, and empower in the support of community – and the scale and growth of their businesses.

BOR Fireside Mentoring Community
Peer-to-peer format. Powered by Uber Eats, black-owned restaurants will create a cross-sharing intentional program designed to build, educate and empower in the support of scaling and growing their businesses.  Two established and successful minority-owned restaurant owners will share their stories and wisdom on what ingredients are necessary to the recipes of success.

Join the Uber Eats and EatOkra Platform!

If you are a black-owned restauranteur or chef and interested in joining the Uber Eats and EatOkra platform, make sure to contact: Kim Wilson Marshall, PR Director, [email protected] or (646) 721-4375.

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