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10 Tips for Saving Money at the Gas Pump

This article discusses several tips which are no cost or low cost in saving money at the gas pumps. The following are 10 tips for saving money at the gas pump most are no cost and very little effort.

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Don’t Overbuy on Gas Grade

Manufacturers suggest a grade of gas for a vehicle: 87 (economy), 89 (mid-grade), and 92-93 (premium).

Unless your engine is “knocking,” a sign of pre-ignition, there is no benefit to buying the more expensive grade. If you find that regardless of grade, your engine still knocks, it may be time for a tune-up. Money spent in that way will result in overall fuel efficiency and allow you to run at a less expensive grade of gas.

Inflate and Keep Tires Aligned

Just keeping your tires at the correct level in inflation can save about 3% in fuel cost. Make a habit of checking tire pressure consistently every couple of fill-ups.

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Change a Dirty Air Filter

An air filter might seem like an investment but consider the payback. A dirty air filter can cut gas mileage by 10%. The payback over time can be at least 2 to 3 times over its cost.

Clean out the Trunk

Carrying 100 extra pounds in weight can reduce miles per gallon by about 2%.

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Use the Roof Rack Only When Needed

A loaded roof rack increases the weight of the car and adds to the air friction and drag on the vehicle, reducing the vehicle’s efficiency.

Make Sure the Gas Cap Makes a Tight Seal

Gasoline can evaporate right out of the gas tank. Today’s tanks are relatively well-sealed, but a bad seal on a gas cap (or not using one) can cost gas and hence money.

A Good Idea: Be a Price-Conscious Gasoline Shopper

Some stations in many areas are consistently known to offer better prices. Fill up there, but avoid going to out-of-the-way places, as the time and gas used will negate any savings.

Save money on gas by turning off air conditioning

Avoid Air Conditioning in Town, Use it on the Highway

Air conditioning at a lower speed (below 45 mph) can account for up to 8% of fuel costs. The trade-off of open windows and “drag” on the vehicle versus using air conditioning at highway speeds is much less apparent.

Avoid Idling for Extended Periods

Gauge how long a wait might be, whether it’s a might be whether at a school, business, or wherever. It the wait is going to be more than two or three minutes it doesn’t make sense to idle the engine.

Public transportation saves gas

Evaluate Driving Patterns

Combine errands when possible. Question whether public transportation is available and convenient. Quite often people avoid cheap or free public transportation because they lack familiarity with it.

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