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Michelle Obama Becoming Book Tour Stop in Dallas

Upon learning that Former First Lady Michelle Obama was embarking on a nationwide tour to promote her book “Becoming,” I immediately felt the desire to secure tickets.

To my utter surprise and joy, my husband went above and beyond by gifting me exclusive VIP Meet and Greet tickets for the Dallas stop of Michelle Obama's Becoming memoir book tour! If you're curious about the delightful details of the surprise, feel free to dive into the full account in my article here: Michelle Obama surprise.

Michelle Obama Becoming #IAmBecoming Dallas, TX

Michelle Obama Surprises Students

Upon arriving at our hotel room (accompanied by my friend Charis, who, like me, was pleasantly surprised with tickets), we tuned in to the local Dallas news. To our delight, we learned that Michelle Obama had made a surprise appearance at the Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House during their annual Young Women's Leadership Conference.

Witnessing the moment was truly remarkable. Dozens of young women from various community groups were engrossed in discussing their reflections on Michelle Obama's book “Becoming” during one of the conference sessions. That's when the former First Lady made a grand entrance, greeted with cheers, a few tears, and an overwhelming sense of admiration from the students.

Dallas, TX image at airport


VIP image for Michelle Obama Becoming Book tour article
VIP Meet and Greet Check-In

We arrived at check-in around thirty minutes before we were expected to arrive to make sure we were able to get into the VIP reception.  The information we had about the event specified that late arrivals would not be allowed into the reception, only the presentation following the reception.  We were not taking any chances with arriving late as we were not giving away our shot at meeting Michelle Obama!

Chris Bosh at Michelle Obama Becoming Book Tour stop in Dallas

Chris Bosh and Autumn Murray

Chris Bosh

While waiting in the VIP reception line, my friend Charis and I spotted Chris Bosh, the former NBA player and Dallas local, also in the line with his wife and young daughter. Approaching them with respect, I sought permission from his wife and was graciously allowed to take a photo with Chris Bosh. It was a delightful surprise during our VIP experience at Michelle Obama's “Becoming” book tour.

Empower like Michelle Obama

Celebrities Lined Up to Meet Michelle Obama

As we anxiously stood in line to meet her, we looked at the people around us.  There appeared to be around 150 in attendance and everyone was dressed to the nines.  I can imagine we were all thinking the same thing, if you are going to get a picture with Former First Lady Michelle Obama, you want to look your absolute best!

We were in line behind Chris Bosh and his family and about twenty people back we saw Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks,  and his family.  It was pretty amusing to us that the guy who owns the Dallas Mavericks and pays the lease of the facility we are in (American Airlines Center) has to wait in line like everyone else.

Michelle Obama Becoming Book Tour Dallas post pin

Meeting the Hugger-In-Chief

When the moment arrived for me to meet Former First Lady Michelle Obama, my immediate thought was whether I could receive one of her renowned hugs. I've often expressed my desire for a hug from Michelle Obama, and now it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Approaching her, she greeted us by our names. While I knew she had been informed of our names beforehand, hearing Michelle Obama say my name still sent a slight thrill down my spine. And then, she opened her arms and embraced me! My wish had come true. Amid the hug, I couldn't contain my excitement, expressing disbelief that I was hugging Michelle Obama, maybe jostling her a little in my enthusiasm. She chuckled and then turned to hug my friend.

Michelle Obama with Autumn Murray Becoming Book Tour stop in Dallas

L to R: Autumn Murray, Former First Lady Michelle Obama, Charis Hanberry

When They Go Low, We Go High

As they were instructing us on where and how to stand for the photo, I took a moment to express my gratitude to her for consistently choosing to rise above the negativity when others opt for a lower path. She met my comment with a reflective acknowledgment, saying, “There certainly is a lot of low in the world right now.” I concurred, and we proceeded to take our picture. As we were leaving, she grasped my hand and said, “Thank you.”

Exiting the room, I found it challenging to maintain composure. Sensing my emotional state, the security team suggested taking the elevator instead of the stair steps we had used to enter.

Reflecting on the experience, I felt a swell of pride for keeping my emotions in check and managing to have a meaningful conversation without inadvertently misspeaking. Meeting her was undeniably an incredible and unforgettable moment!

Free Hugs Sign

Hugging is how I connect to people – how I show warmth and make folks feel at home.” 

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Becoming tour stop in Dallas

A Conversation with Michelle Obama

We secured seats in the heart of the 7th row. While the anticipation built and the audience settled into their seats, the flat screens entertained us with captivating videos. Clips from Michelle Obama's appearances on Ellen, the Jimmy Fallon show, James Corden, and numerous others played, offering a glimpse into her life. Childhood photos and snapshots from various life stages were showcased, accompanied by the soulful tunes of her favorite artists, including Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill, Diana Ross, and more. The infectious beats prompted some to dance, while many joined in a collective sing-along.

As the program was about to commence, Mark Cuban and a few other prominent Dallas figures took the stage to share inspiring words. Mark Cuban, accompanied by his two young daughters, highlighted the significance of diversity, female leadership, and inclusion, setting the stage for the much-anticipated introduction of Michelle Obama.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama with Vaerie Jarrett

Former First Lady Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett

Moderator Valerie Jarrett

Valerie B. Jarrett, the esteemed senior adviser to Former President Barack Obama, skillfully steered the conversation with a gracious and personable touch, serving as the moderator for the evening.

As Valerie introduced Former First Lady Michelle Obama, the room erupted in a heartfelt standing ovation. For the next captivating 90 minutes, Michelle, holding a microphone, engaged in a riveting dialogue, answering Valerie's questions. The audience was spellbound, hanging on to every word she shared.

In the spirit of her book, the “Conversation” unveiled Michelle's transformative journey from the South Side of Chicago to becoming the First Lady of the United States. Through powerful stories of empowerment and resilience, she painted a vivid picture of her growth and the obstacles she overcame.

Becoming by Former First Lady Michelle Obama post pin

Keeping it Classy

The entire experience, from the moment of meeting her to witnessing her presentation, was profoundly empowering. The atmosphere in the room exuded happiness, and a contagious positive energy enveloped everyone present. In my view, Former First Lady Michelle Obama stands as an inspiration and a global treasure.

Her genuine compassion for others and her unwavering grace, regardless of the criticism directed at her, resonate deeply. Michelle Obama possesses a profound self-awareness and an understanding that the sky is the limit for her achievements. I express my gratitude to her for penning her book and for her commitment to helping others realize their destined path to “become” who they were meant to be.

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